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Freshly frozen fish delivered to your door

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About Kingfisher Foods

Kingfisher Foods is your local frozen fish supplier located at the ever vibrant Willow Lane Industrial Area. We are strategically situated to provide convenience and relief to the many chefs, caterers and fish lovers who would otherwise make the painful and uncomfortable pre-dawn trips to Billingsgate Fish Market in search of bargains. Our great and abundant variety of freshly frozen fish and seafoods are sourced from reputable fish importers and merchants in London and its surroundings, who place particular emphasis on quality. Our amazing fish range provides every customer, something to meet every occasion and budget. Enjoy browsing our products category and make your choices from our wonderful range.
Kingfisher Foods’ sole desire is to bring convenience, quality and amazingly priced frozen fish and seafoods to the door fronts of its customers. 
Take a moment and look at the other food categories to help you make great food choices for your delicious home and catering dishes. 

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Icelandic Red Fish, Black and Yellow Croaker, Snappers, Barracuda, Catfish, Tilapia, Atlantic Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Hake, Pomfret, Seabass, Kingfish, Pangasuis King Fish, Milkfish, Tuna and many more. 



Chicken Drumsticks, Chicken Wings, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Portions, Spare Ribs, Frozen Turkey Tails, Jolly Chicken, Pluvera Chicken, Smoked Turkey Wings and Drumsticks, Turkey Gizzards, Smoked Chicken and others. 



Tiger Pawns, Squid, Octopus, Breaded Scallops, Breaded Crab Claws, Mussels, Tuna Steaks, Kingfish Steaks, Tilapia Fillets, Pangasuis Fillets, Cut Crabs



To help lift up the taste of your dishes, we have selected products from trusted producers of the best spices and seasonings, with proven experience in quality. Take a look at the extensive list of spices and seasonings to boost the flavour of your beautiful dishes. 



We have rice products from around the world to complete your home made recipes. Our selections include long grain, basmati, fragrance rice and others. 
Our extensive selection of flour includes semolina coarse, mashed potato, farina, fufu mix, maize meal, rice flour, cassava flour, cassava and corn dough, and many more. 
Additionally, we have beans products ranging from black eye beans, kidney beans, crab eye beans, butter beans and a lot more. 



Kingfisher Foods 

The Frozen Fish Market

Willow Lane Industrial Area, Unit 8 Eagle Trading Estate, Willow Lane,

Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 4UY

Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm
Sat: 9:30am - 5pm
Sun: Closed

02086404137 / 07830412063
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Unit 8, Eagle Trading Estate, Willow Lane, Mitcham, CR4 4UY, UK

02086404137 / 07830 412063

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